Jays Earn Comeback Win over Red Sox, Overbay Clear Waivers...Plus our BlueJays Rant Reader Poll

By shallowk

The Toronto Blue Jays (61-54) earned a hard fought victory over the Boston Red Sox (66-51) yesterday afternoon with a ninth inning 4-run rally.

Trailing the Red Sox by three-runs entering the ninth inning and facing the generally daunting task of Boston closer Jonathan Paplebon, the Jays managed to put together a series of hits.

First it was a homerun by non-other than MLB homerun leader Jose Bautista (36th); followed by a single by Adam Lind to drive in Vernon Wells, a double by Edwin Encarnacion to score Dewayne Wise and a sacrifice-fly to center field, by Fred Lewis, that was just deep enough to score Aaron Hill.

Final score Jays 6, Red Sox 5 in what was an exciting games for the 37,271 fans in attendance – who, for all the bosses reading, were obviously sick yesterday afternoon, but were forced to go into the sunshine and soak in the beautiful weather…to get healthy…doctor’s orders.

An interesting side note, Lyle Overbay did not play yesterday, except for a pinch hit opportunity that he earned a walk from, which left some to speculate that this was a result of Overbay clearing waivers and about to be moved (quite possibly to Boston).

With Overbay being held out of the game on the same day he cleared waivers, the question is posed to you…

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