Oakland Beats Toronto, Dallas Braden Calls Blue Jays a Beer League Team

By shallowk

The Toronto Blue Jays (63-56) could n0t muster the offense to beat the Oakland Athletics (58-60) in last night’s 6-2 loss, and will instead look to this afternoon to secure the series win.

A win that may have extra incentive for Toronto, after Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas Braden referred to the Blue Jays as a Beer League squad.

The Associated Press released an exerpt of an interview in which Braden was quoted as saying “I tried to utilize their aggressiveness against them…It’s almost like staring down the barrel of a beer league team because they can hit home runs almost at will…”.

Despite Braden trying to justify his association of the Blue Jays MLB leading power with the power of a bunch of barrel-chested-beer chuggers, it is almost assured that the Jays will not take kindly to the connection, and will be looking to power up this afternoon.

The Blue Jays target will be the A’s young lefty, Gio Gonzalez (10-8), while Oakland will face Toronto LHP Marc Rzepczynski (1-1).

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