Blue Jays Beat Yankees in Rubber Match, Take 7-5 Series Lead...Plus our BlueJaysRant Reader Poll

By shallowk

Want to give yourself a little chuckle?

Pose the question “who holds the season series lead between the Jays and Yankees” to any random baseball fan.

You will receive, more often than not, some incarnation of the answer “the first place Yankees, of course!”.

Then tell them the answer is infact the Toronto Blue Jays who hold the 7-5 lead.

While the looks of confusion and shock contort the faces of those stunned fans, you can sit and chuckle at the dropped jaws, furrowed brows and scrunched faces!

That series lead was increased to 7-5 last night after the Toronto Blue Jays (66-60) won the rubber match, (6-3) in this current three-game set against the New York Yankees (78-49).

The starting pitching was strong, thanks to Jays LHP Brett Cecil (11-6), who gave up only 2-earned in 8IP, with 5k’s.

The offense was strong, as Jays captain Vernon Wells took the game over with his bat; knocking out his 23rd homerun of this campaign, and driving in 4 rbi.

Overall, with eight hits, solid defense and quality pitching from the starter to the closer, the entire squad did their part to secure Toronto’s win.

With the Blue Jays up 7-5 in the season series, and 6 games to go this year against New York this year the question is posed to you…

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