The Cubs Looking to Bring Up Brett Jackson?

By chrisrundell

Brett Jackson has absolutely torn it up this year in the minors, and the Cubs are looking at the former first round pick as the center fielder of the future. Well, the future could be coming soon, as there is talk of the Cubs bringing up Jackson for a look this September if Colvin can play a little first base.

This could be a real good look for the Cubs because if they can trade Fukudome this winter, they’ll be able to move Marlon Byrd over to right possible, and plug the youngster in center field. Obviously that’s wishful thinking, but the Cubs have some talented guys throughout the system that are worth taking a look at. This team isn’t going anywhere, and I think the important thing to do now is see whose going to be part of the long term plan, and who won’t be- thus making them prime candidates to trade for  I’m still extremely encouraged by how certain guys are progressing, and Jackson has done as well as you can ask. He might need a little AAA ball, but if he does play in the Arizona Fall League this fall, there really isn’t any reason he won’t be ready for the Majors come spring training. We’ll see what happens, but hopefully the Cubs bring the kid up- and let him play a little bit.

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