St. Louis Cardinals: Hunt for Red October

By Aaron Kirn

“We’ve got a pulse,” said shortstop Brendan Ryan after the St. Louis Cardinals’ series win and 4-2 victory over the first place Cincinnati Reds Sunday.

St. Louis’ Manager Tony LaRussa and Colby Rasmus are looking to squash the squabbling that’s circling around the St. Louis clubhouse and go play some baseball.

St. Louis needs to win, and now.  Let’s be clear, the Cardinals don’t need to win every game to make the postseason.  However, they’ll put themselves in a good position for a playoff spot if they stick with the goal Tony LaRussa sets for the club from day one; win every series.

St. Louis has eight series remaining on their schedule, plus a make-up game vs. the Florida Marlins on September 20th.  If they stick by their skipper’s credo and win two out of three, or three of four in each series, and turn in another win against the fish, it could very well be a “Red October” in St. Louis.

It’s an optimistic outlook, no doubt.  But this is a team with veterans in the line-up, and rotation who know how to get to October.  Not to mention, the series at Busch should show the team that the fans are still behind them despite their recent struggles.

The “Hunt for Red October” begins tomorrow in Miller Park @ Milwaukee, at 1:10PM.

Remaining ScheduleRumorsSt. Louis 4-2, Sunday

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