Dodgers Lose 5th Straight. Fall to 69-72

By Tim Morris

Andre Ethier was the only bright spot of the game, going 1 for 1 with a 2 run home-run and 3 walks. I guess after a game hits a bomb in the 1st inning and you know the other team’s offense is anemic,  you just don’t pitch to the guy that’s doing anything.

Oh yeah, John Lindsey did get in the game pitch hitting for Ted Lilly, I guess he was a bit too excited, saw 2 pitches then on the 3rd flied out to center, still a great moment for him, too bad it didn’t amount to anything, would’ve been great for him to rocket one over the wall.

Ted Lilly was great again, except for the 3 run home-run of course.

Uhh…Broxton pretty much sucked again, he got 3 outs in the 8th but he walked 2 only 6 of his 15 pitches were for strikes, so let’s see, that’s 4 pitches for a walk, so basically without those two walks, he threw 6 strikes and one ball.

Jansen came in, blew 2 away, showing the that the Los Angeles Dodgers do indeed have a bright future and that Broxton is expendable (i hope i hope) hey maybe we can move him and get a bat, because we sorely need a bat now that Manny’s gone.

So now that the Dodgers are pretty much out of the playoff pitcher, it makes me wonder what Torre will do. I’d love to see some of the young players like Lindsey and Mitchell gets more starts, Mitchell at 3B and Lindsey at 1B. I’d love to see some of the infielder prospects called up and given a chance to show they can do something in the majors like DeJesus and Hu.

There’s really no reason to play any of the everyday guys if you don’t have to, the season is over, let’s see what the future beholds.

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