Oh No, They Suck Again! Torre Shares Blame for Season

By Tim Morris

So, Joe Torre finally fessed up that hey, he’s made some bad managerial decisions this season. Via ESPN LA

“I wish I could have been more help in finding something that would have made a difference, because that is my job,” Torre said. “You go to sleep every night thinking what conversation you can have with this guy or that guy and have the light bulb go on. … It’s my responsibility. It wouldn’t be fair if I sat back and said, ‘Well, this guy isn’t doing this and this guy isn’t doing this, so it’s not my fault.’ It is my responsibility to try to help them through the bad times and make them better.

“I have to try to help them through it.”

So, Joe thinks he didn’t motivate his players enough to play better? So, it wasn’t about the bad choices that he and Ned Colletti made in terms of which players were done and who could play right? So Jay Gibbons shouldn’t have been called up sooner?

Or maybe stop using pitchers who were clearly doing badly like, who believe it or not with his 6.40 ERA, Joe brought into an amazing 55 games this season!

Ronald Belisario with his 5.32 ERA himself appeared in 49 games this season, 3rd behind Jonathan Broxton and Sherrill in the number of games pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season.

I do not understand why the likes of Justin Miller who even though had a 4.44 ERA in 19 games, struck out an amazing 30 batters in only 24.1 innings, did not get used more.

I do not understand why we traded for Octavio Dotel who had been demoted from closer on his team, what made Neddie think that somehow he was going to re-emerge as a force…no wait, he never was a force he gave the Dodgers  exactly what he’s given the last 6 teams in the previous 6 years, frustration.

I do not understand why he stuck with the Ortiz brothers (not really brothers) for so long, even for some ungodly reason, giving Ramon Ortiz two starts. That’s a chapter of the season that makes my stomach turn.

I do not understand why Garret Anderson and his horrific .181 batting average was given 155 at-bats before they decided to ship his butt to the pasture  and bring up Jay Gibbons who had more home runs (3) in 31 at-bats than Garret had in his 155 (2). Heck, amazingly Torre even decided to give Garret 25 starts in which he hit .153.

All of those wonderful stats have nothing to do with not being able to help a guy get better, sometimes a player is just bad and you know what you have to do as a manger? Not use them and find someone else. There is no such thing as a “gritty veteran” or “saving face” for a guy that’s 38 years old, these guys are not Barry Bonds who magically become better after the age of 35.

Then of course, Torre ever the tactician turns it back onto his players, faulting them of course.

“Things are OK, and everybody is out here playing and working hard,” Torre said. “But there is frustration, especially with [Andre] Ethier and with Matt Kemp, because they certainly know that where they’re situated in the middle [of the order], they need to be more consistent. You have certain guys like ([Scott] Podsednik and [Ryan] Theriot and Jamey Carroll who just go out and play hard all the time and then come back to the dugout wanting to know who won or lost. And they easily dismiss a bad at-bat.

“There are some other guys who are going to have to learn that failure is a part of success, and dealing with it is something we need to do a better job of.”

While it may be true, at the same time you are the Manager, you are supposed to take the full blame and say something about the players in private, the media is not the place to say something about your players performance.

And oh yeah, The Dodgers were shut out by the San Diego Padres and failed to gain ground once again against a team that they needed to beat and losing their 4th straight. This was the Dodgers 15th time being shut out this season.

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