Pujols’ future in St. Louis could depend on LaRussa

Much has been made about the off-the-field controversy surrounding the LaRussa-Rasmus saga, amidst  the Cardinals’ recent downward spiral.  Of course there’s nothing a winning streak wouldn’t cure, at least for now.  And we don’t really know if all the rumors regarding Rasmus wanting out because of LaRussa are true.  One thing we do know, Albert Pujols isn’t shy about expressing his support for manager Tony LaRussa.

Albert Pujols - St. Louis Cardinals“I hope he can continue to be my manager for the rest of my career,” Pujols said.  “But that’s not my job, and I don’t make those decisions.  I think this city should be appreciative of the thing he has accomplished in his 15 years as manager in this organization.  Hopefully, he’ll be here next year and for the rest of my career.”

The St. Louis fan base is basically 50/50 on the LaRussa-Rasmus issue, but one thing everyone’s 100% on, is keeping Albert Pujols happy.  Yahoo Sports reports, as LaRussa goes, so might Pujols.

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  • Randy

    Where is the HEART with this team? We need someone who gets onto others and holds them accountable. We have good leaders but not “vocal” “lets get going” types, like Eckstien and Edmonds were, they were a pros pro and let others know they weren’t putting out 100%. We need to get that spark.

  • jake80

    LaRussa needs to put his best eight in the lineup and PLAY THEM ALL THE TIME!!!
    You use the bench for filling in at times I mean how would you like it if you NEVER knew from day to day if you were going to play this is the bigs not little league

  • STL Lipp

    I agree that the Cards need a leader. Not just a rah rah guy, but someone who earns respect from the younger ballplayers.
    Also, I think TLR neds to play more small ball just to keep the other teams honest. I know he likes hit-and-run, but I would like to see him trying to put runs together at least every other inning, instead of letting players whale away for homers, and get little or nothing for their efforts.
    Maybe this season is lost but I’m not ready to give up–remember the Philadelphia fade of 1964!!!!!!!!!!! Go Cards