Has Ken Macha Done Enough To Save His Job?

By chrisrundell

Ken Macha has struggled through another season without really much improvement from last season. I was surprised he made it this far, but it looks like he will finish the year out. Now I will admit Ken Macha was not my first choice for manager and some of the moves he makes I do question a lot. In the defense of him though he inherited a bad pitching staff a year ago and in reality he was not given anything better this year. Even hiring a new pitching coach did not really help this terrible pitching staff. I will admit they have pitched better in September, but the season has been lost for months now. Should Macha be retained is the million dollar question.

Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin will need to decide Ken Macha’s fate and that will happen probably after the season is over. It seems Melvin likes Macha as he was not let go during the season, but you never know. I think the time for a change is right and moving in a different direction could be in the Brewers best interest. Macha has been given two years and no real improvement has been shown. Yes, it was not all his fault, but like you say you cannot fire the whole team. I look for Macha to be gone soon after the season is over.

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