Matt Kemp homers in his 5th straight as the Dodgers win 3-1 over Diamondbacks

By Tim Morris

Two National Championship Series, two losses to the Philadelphia Phillies, and one horrible 2010 season. Unfortunately for Torre, we will remember him for what he didn’t do rather than what he did, and that’s fine with me.

If you’re a major league manager your swan song shouldn’t end like this, 80-82 and a hugely disappointing season not because of lack of talent but because of front office turmoil and a lot of bad managing.

When Dodgers fans look back upon the Joe Torre days we won’t see that he finally got us out of the 1st round of the playoffs, the first time since 1988. Nor will we think about leading the National League in wins in 2009 despite a sub-par Manny Ramirez year in which he was suspended for 50 games and was never the same after being hit in the hand later in the season.

No, more than likely we will look back upon this debacle of a season, probably the most frustrating season I’ve ever experienced in my 19 years as a Dodger fan and wonder why we bothered to even hire Joe Torre, was he worth the $13 million that was given him over 3 seasons? It’s hard to tell. Two Championship Series is great but we got utterly humiliated in both series, it wasn’t even a hard fought series, the team went out in spectacular fashion both times and upset a lot of Dodger fans.

This was also Brad Ausmus’ final game as well, age 41, he is retiring after this season. Joe Torre allowed him to start this game and worked 8 innings. In his final at-bat he singled and left for a pinch runner “The first thing I thought was, ‘Please pinch run for me, I hadn’t caught that many innings since Houston”

Also John Lindsey who broke his hand was allowed to come up and pinch hit in the bottom of the seventh. While he was wearing a cast, since he wasn’t in the disabled list, he was able to at least come up to the plate where he received a round of cheers from the stadium and a congratulations from plate umpire Alfonso Marquez who knew Lindsey from the minor leagues.

Joe Torre also brought in Kuo, so that he could log 50 innings and record the lowest ERA in club history with an astounding ERA of 1.20, just over taking Eric Gagne’s previous club record of 1.202, the year in which he went 55-55 in saves and won the NL Cy Young Award.

Matt Kemp hitting 5 home runs in 5 consecutive games is the longest streak of his career and leaves him with a team leading 28 home runs and 89 RBI’s.

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