The Cubs Announce Zambrano Won't be Traded: Figures

By chrisrundell

[picappgallerysingle id=”9548466″]The Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry announced yesterday that Carlos Zambrano will not be traded by the club this winter. Which means the Cubs will have another season of the one that is …does volatile work here? If not- I’m sure I could throw in a new adjective. Either way, the Cubs are once again not doing what’s best for the organization…figures.

Look- Carlos Zambrano put together an outstanding 2 months after returning from yet another temper tantrum resulted suspension.  I’m not stupid enough to proclaim he got lucky- or anything like that. He pitched well. The Cubs are taking that as a sign as Carlos Zambrano has put it together, and they FINALLY will get the bang out of the many bucks they put into him. However, I think they fail to realize or are just to stubborn to realize that Carlos Zambrano will never be the shut down ace they want him to be. The best thing to do now would be to take advantage of Zambrano making his trade stock go through the roof- and get a sizable return on the investment. It’s time for them to admit to the fact that they have not won with Carlos Zambrano as the ace. If payroll is going down (like most expect it too), than the Cubs are not going to put together a much better team on the field next season. So great- we once again have nothing to look forward too…because this team will not win as it’s currently structured. Carlos Zambrano is the perfect trade candidate to not only get a sizable return, but to cut the payroll they want! Soriano is a no go- Fukudome will be nearly impossible to trade, so where are the upgrades coming from? Welllllll…it looks they aren’t coming if the Ricketts family is indeed sold on lowering the payroll in 2011. That’s a frightening concept…but then again…when have the Cubs done what they should be doing? Or should have done? Yeah…that doesn’t happen often. HOPEFULLY this is Hendry’s way to play off to other teams that Zambrano is sooooo important to the team that it would take a ton to get him. Who knows. I guess we’ll find out…but excuse me for not being overly optimistic already about 2011 if Zambrano’s contract is still on the books.

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