Turn Back The Clock Stormin Gorman Thomas Brewers Legend

By chrisrundell

In this Turn Back the Clock installment we will take a look at Stormin Gorman Thomas a Brewers legend. Thomas was one of the most popular Brewers of All-time. Thomas played for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1973-1983  and beginning in 1978 he became the Brewers centerfielder. Thomas hit 32 home runs and drove in 86 runs in 1978.  Gorman Thomas followed 1978 with a banner year in 1979 hitting 45 home runs top in the AL that year. He also added 123 RBI’s as well.

During the years 78-83 Gorman Thomas hit more home runs than any player in the American League with 197.  Thomas hit some mammoth home runs as a player and many times he does not get the credit as a player that he deserved. He was an excellent centerfielder with a good arm. Most people always point to his many strikeouts and low batting average, but that does not define him as a player.  Even though he only finished with 268 career home runs he will always be a Brewer and a fan favorite.

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