Brewers Need To Take A Page From The Past To Fix The Pitching Problems

By chrisrundell

It is no secret the Brewers have some serious pitching problems and in the off-season they need to fix it. I think one way to fix it is by taking a page from the past and what has seemed to work for the Brewers. Many times trading for pitchers that seem to be doing well always never work out. Taking a different approach is something Brewers management has done in the past with great success.

Trading for pitchers who may not have great numbers, but will give you quality starts is something that the Brewers did in the past. I will cite two examples that show how effective this can be. The Brewers traded for Mike Caldwell who was never considered a great pitcher. In fact when the Brewers got Caldwell he was struggling, but he would always give everything he had. he became a 22 game winner for the Brewers in 1978. He was very consistent for the Brewers and many people will tell you Mike Caldwell was one of the toughest pitchers to face.

Another pitcher who seen success with the Brewers was Jim Slaton. He was a tough pitcher who did not back down from anyone. You always knew when Slaton took the mound you would get the best he had to offer. As a Brewers the most wins in a single season was 14. The Brewers did not have the greatest teams when these two guys pitched. The one thing they gave the Brewers a toughness that showed every time they took the mound.

When Doug Melvin goes to look for pitchers in the off-season guys like Mike Caldwell and Jim Slaton should be what he is looking for. Are they easy to find? Of course not, but they are out there if he is willing to look for them. These are the types of pitchers you want as the Brewers already have more than enough offense in place.

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