MLB Players Granted December Meeting With Umpires

By robertnovak

Now what’s a postseason in baseball without errors from umpires, but after many blown calls this season, the MLB players have received a rare meeting with the umpires and league officials scheduled for December 3rd.

The idea for this meeting came about after the Major League Baseball Players Association had received an increased number of complaints this season over the calls being made by umpires.

Both sides were contacted but refused to speak to reporters and refused to give any details about what may be talked about and what will happen there.

Various MLB players have stated that they have increased tensions towards the umpires and that they think they should be allowed to know when an umpired is evaluated, fined, and so on since the public knows all about that when it comes to players.

There has already been two umpire errors this postseason on  a missed out call on a fly ball in the Yankees game 1 and Buster Posey was called safe on a stolen base attempt even though replay showed he was out. It was especially important because he later came around to score the only run of the game. These errors have caused my players and coaches to openly say that they feel instant replay needs to be expanded to stop these bad calls from continuing.

Personally, the umpires have been getting worse and worse in my opinion. Now granted, every team has had the benefit of a bad umpire call going their way (A.J. Pierzynski and Jermaine Dye in the 2005 postseason for example White Sox fans) but it’s getting to be a real problem. Just this season alone, the balk calls against Mark Buehrle that clearly weren’t balks to anyone except Joe West’s crew, the blown call that cost Armando Gallarraga a perfect game, and the two errors in the postseason so far is something that needs to stop. I’m all for more instant replay because if we all see the same things watching at home and we know the call is wrong, why can’t we use the same during the game. People complain that games will be delayed but I’d rather delay the game and get a call right then not delay the game and teams getting screwed over left and right because of poor umpires.

Let’s face it, regardless of what this meeting is about and what happens, it’s safe to say that expanded instant replay isn’t too far off in the future.

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