Twins lose to Yankees again in ALDS game 2. I’m so mad.

By saramarsh

[picappgallerysingle id=”9441794″]I can’t believe I’m really writing this, but the Minnesota Twins have fallen to the New York Yankees again in game two of the ALDS, and are now in danger of being eliminated from the playoff race. That’s right. The Twins lost. Again. To the Yankees. Again. Might be eliminated in the third game of the ALDS. Again.

I find this year’s Twins and Yankees ALDS quite offensive. Game two was just horrifying. And the most infuriating thing is that the Yankees aren’t a better team than the Twins, even if they’re acting like it right now. But because they have so much more confidence, the Yankees outplay the Twins every time. Every time. The Yankees hit when they need to. The Twins don’t.

After game one of the ALDS, the Twins should have looked shocked that they lost to the Yankees. The Twins should have looked stunned. They didn’t. Instead, the Twins just looked depressed; resigned to their fate, like they knew it was coming and ought to just go cry in the corner. So, even though I tried to remain optimistic about game two, my heart sank like a stone when Lance Berkman hit that two-run homer and the Yankees took the lead 4-2.

Turns out I was right to be concerned. The Twins never even had a shot at a comeback. They just kind of stared, glassy-eyed, at the field. Ron Gardenhire even got himself ejected to try and fire the Twins up – to no avail.

I just don’t get why the Twins are so terrible in the postseason. It makes no sense at all. I can’t come up with any reason why they shouldn’t be just as aggressive and successful as they were in the regular season. And yet, the Twins haven’t been able to get past the first round of the postseason – without fail – since 2002. Yuck. Come on, guys. Even the Vikings can get through the first round of the playoffs without too much trouble.

Speaking of the NFL, I want everybody to take a big whiff of this Yankees stink for a minute. You smell that? That stink is what’s going to happen in the National Football League if they eliminate salary caps. That’s right. The richest owner, the biggest spender, will load up on all the best players, and we’ll have the same problem over there.

Anyhow, the Twins have a respite today to think about what it is they’ve done in the past couple of days – namely, a whole lot of nothing. The Twins now find themselves in an 0-2, must-win situation tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium. I’m trying to feel optimistic, trying to keep my chin up, trying not to give up on the Minnesota Twins.

But with eleven postseason losses in a row, they’re making it awfully hard.

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