Lance Berkman Possible Candidate For First Base Should Konerko Not Return

By robertnovak

With the possibility of Paul Konerko not returning to the South Side next year, the White Sox are already looking into possible options to replace him. Apparently, if the White Sox were to lose Paul Konerko then they would be willing to take a shot at acquiring free agent Lance Berkman as a short term option at first or as a DH.

The White Sox tried to acquire Berkman this past season but were shot down in any attempted deals by either the Astros or by Berkman himself. He felt like he could go to a better team and ended up on the Yankees and is currently in the playoffs with them right now.

Most teams are kinda hesitant to look at Berkman because he hasn’t had a stellar year and because he is already 35. The White Sox don’t seem to mind that considering they tried to acquire him this past season.

Berkman seems to be running out of fuel in the tank but as we saw with Konerko this year, another great year is more than possible for Berkman (especially if he’s hitting at U.S. Cellular Field)

This is just the first of what I expect to be many rumors of possible first base/DH replacements for the White Sox so we can’t assume anything is for sure for quite some time but it’s nice to know the White Sox are already trying to see how to improve the team with the postseason nowhere close to being over yet.

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