Depressing: Yankees sweep Twins in ALDS, Twins done for year

By saramarsh

[picappgallerysingle id=”9935984″]Well, what everyone feared has inexplicably come true: the New York Yankees swept the Twins in the ALDS, effectively ending the Twins 2010 season. How utterly depressing. The Yankees seem to have some sort of weird choke-hold on the Twins; things that were routine for the Twins in the regular season were impossible to achieve against the Yankees in the ALDS. Like, you know, hits. So, the Twins are now done for the year. And swept by the Yankees, at that.

The Twins are now in second place in MLB history with the most consecutive postseason losses at twelve in a row. Only the Boston Red Sox have more (and not many more) at thirteen. Boo.

After watching the Rays rally and beat the Rangers, I thought that maybe, just maybe, the Twins could rally, too. After all, it wasn’t impossible anymore – the Rays had just done it. And in the eighth inning, I almost got my wish with a big double from Danny Valencia, and hits from Denard Span and Orlando Hudson.

And then, Joe Mauer stepped to the plate. I’m pretty mad at the Twins’ marquee player right now. The most popular player in the American League by far (as evidenced by All Star voting), highest paid guy on the team (evidenced by the $184 million, eight-year contract), third highest batting average in the AL – you’d think Joe Mauer could have come up with a big hit in the eighth against the Yankees. Not that he needed to be a hero and get a home run. But how about a double? Mauer’s hit a lot of those this year.

Nope. How about a whole lot of nothing?

And Jason Kubel. Oh my, Jason Kubel. Is this the same Jason Kubel who hit a grand slam off Mariano Rivera, of all pitchers, earlier this year? Where is that Jason Kubel, I wonder? Gone, I guess. Just gone. Needless to say, the Twins did not drive in more than one run in the eighth inning, and they lost to the Yankees 6-1.

Mauer and Kubel – together – went 3 for 20, no RBI, and a combined batting average of .150. That, frankly, is hideous.

It’s just very weird that the team with the highest batting average in baseball with runners in scoring position (.285) could come in and get crushed. And I mean, crushed. It wasn’t like we had a bad inning here or there – every inning was bad. Except for maybe two. Over the whole series.

Anyway, Twins, it’s over for another year. I feel bad for Ron Gardenhire. He didn’t do anything different than he’s done all year (although, with Kubel hitting .080 in the postseason, moving him to the cleanup spot, even with a right-hander pitching, was a very questionable move – Kubel finished .069), but the Twins just couldn’t make anything happen. What can you do when your guys can’t hit? Nothing.

And thus, the Twins go quietly at the hands of the Yankees this 2010 postseason. Same old song. What a disappointment.

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