Paul Konerko Free Agency Update: October 10th

By robertnovak

Well White Sox fans, it’s starting to look more and more like captain Paul Konerko isn’t going to return to the White Sox next year.

Recently Konerko talked about contract length not being much of an issue when it comes to free agency because he’s not sure how much longer he wants to play. To me, this sounds like Konerko is saying that anyone and everyone has a shot of getting his services for a couple years and there is no advantage for the White Sox.

Also GM Kenny Williams has been dropping hints as if Konerko isn’t going to come back. He said that there might not be enough money to sign Konerko to any type of deal. He also said that this becomes even more of a long shot if the White Sox try to obtain a left handed bat.

It sounds to me like Kenny is just throwing out comments so that people start getting the mindset that Konerko isn’t coming back so that it isn’t totally new and shocking news when Konerko signs elsewhere this winter.

While I’d prefer to see Konerko come back for 2 more years or so, it just looks like it isn’t going to happen more and more as time goes on and more teams show interest in him.

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