Joey Cora Is Likely To Return To White Sox Next Year

By robertnovak

White Sox bench coach Joey Cora is expected to return to the White Sox next year as the job market for him is getting increasingly smaller as time goes on.

Once believe to be on the list of potential candidates for the vacate manger position for the Seattle Mariners, the Mariners announced that Joey Cora is not and has not been on their preliminary list of candidates. It’s also believed that he is not on the list for the manager position for both the Florida Marlins and Pittsburgh Pirates as well.

Cora was the runner up for the Seattle position a couple years ago but lost out to recently fired manager Don Wakamatsu. Seattle is believed to have no interest in him this time around because they want a manager with Major League experience.

The one real shot he has left in the Mets manager position. The Mets are looking to their general manager before they look for their manager. White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn is scheduled to interview with the Mets for that position and if he were to get that job then there could be a good chance that the Mets look at Cora for their manager position.

If nothing works out, then expect Cora to be back next to Ozzie Guillen next year making lineup and in-game decisions for the White Sox.

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