Twins veteran Michael Cuddyer to have offseason knee surgery

By saramarsh

[picappgallerysingle id=”9528053″]It’s turns out that there’s perhaps a reason for Michael Cuddyer’s low output this 2010 baseball season – Cuddyer’s been suffering from a right knee injury all year, and he’ll require arthroscopic surgery sometime this offseason. The nature and details of the injury to Cuddyer’s right knee are unknown.

A bum knee sure makes sense of Cuddyer’s unusually low numbers this season, which I had attributed to his selfless shuffling of defensive positions whenever needed.

Cuddyer started the season in right field, his regular position, but also played third base before finally ending up at first base from early July through the end of the year. Cuddyer took Justin Morneau’s position after Morneau was knocked out of the season with a concussion.

Nobody on the Twins staff, including Cuddyer, mentioned his right knee all year, but Cuddyer now admits that it bothered him all season, though he also asserts that it didn’t hamper him on the field. I’ll bet it did – between position hopping and his bad knee, it explains why the stalwart Cuddyer batted only .271 with 14 home runs for the Twins in the 2010 baseball season.

Cuddyer was always my favorite Twins player until Jim Thome showed up, and if Thome leaves before next season, Cuddyer will be my favorite Twins player again. The Twins would have been sunk without Cuddyer this season, and the fact that Cuddyer played wherever he was needed with a bad knee the whole time – and never mentioned it – just shows what a stand-up guy Cuddyer is. Some other folks (Brett Favre, I mean you) ought to follow suit.

Michael Cuddyer is a class act, and the Minnesota Twins are lucky to have him.

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