Milwaukee Brewers Ask For Permission To Interview Joey Cora

By robertnovak

Looks like another potential managerial position has opened up for White Sox bench coach Joey Cora as the Brewers have asked for permission to interview him.

As of late Thursday Cora said that he had not been contacted by the Brewers but the request to talk to him has been confirmed.

Aside from the possibility of Cora becoming their manager, Bob Melvin is considered a favorite to win the position.

As I said in a previous post, the only other option Cora has to become a manager this season is with the Mets but they haven’t made any attempts in contacting potential candidates yet since they are working on getting their general manager first.

So it still looks like the waters are pretty calm in terms of Cora becoming a manager and it’s likely that he will be returning as the bench coach for the White Sox next season.

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