Outlook for Braves' catchers for 2011.

By Chad

Out of all the positions for 2011 for the Atlanta Braves, catcher is the one position that seems certain. The Braves have the luxury of having a 5 time All Star behind the plate in Brian McCann.  He has been the most productive offensive catcher in the majors over the last 2-3 seasons.  That is even more productive than Joe Mauer.

The biggest challenge for the Braves moving forward is that Brian McCann is being asked to be something he is not.  He has been the most consistent hitter that the Braves have had the past two seasons.  He has had to hit in the #3 or #4 hole.  He has done a solid job, but can you imagine having an Adam Dunn or someone of that caliber hitting between Chipper and McCann?  A true power-hitting, RBI hitter is something that the Braves have lacked.  McCann has filled in valiantly, but he has had to be in a spot where he is not best suited.

However, barring injury, the Braves appear to be set with McCann and David Ross returning.  Ross was resigned in the middle of the season to a two-year deal.

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