Rangers in the ALDS, Good For Division

By robbieblock

Well the Oakland Athletics may not have made it to the playoffs, and it is a little harsh to see a division rival make it deep, but it also is encouraging.  The A’s played the Rangers tough in almost every game this season, but it is always hard to tell just what kind of an accomplishment that is, so when the Rangers took out the Tampa Bay Rays and moved to the ALDS, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride.

Now it is hardly the same as seeing your own team go deep, but let’s face it, the AL West doesn’t get the same respect as other divisions in baseball, so it is nice to see the Rangers making a bid for a post season run.  Now it is no cake walk as the Rangers have to defeat the New York Yankees to make it to the World Series, but they do have a chance.

The series starts Friday in Arlington and Cliff Lee is yet to lose a playoff game in his career so game 3, the first game in New York, which features Lee against Pettite, makes having to leave Arlington and hit the road look not as devastating.  So, cheer on the division, tune in and it may feel a bit weird, but let’s go Rangers.

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