A's Release Head Trainer

By robbieblock

The Oakland Athletics have been plagued by injuries at an alarming rate over the last 3 seasons with one common denominator, Steve Sayles.  The last season, the A’s used the disabled list 23 times, the second highest amount in their franchise history, next to the 25 mark they put up in 2008.

While it is hard to place the blame all on Steve, he seems like a nice enough guy, some changes had to be made and the A’s finally made them.  In a season which saw Coco Crisp, Ryan Sweeney, Brett Anderson, Connor Jackson, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Kurt Suzuki, Ben Sheets, Justin Duchscherer and about half of the other players on our 40-man roster spend a significant amount of time on the DL, injuries really had an effect on the team’s eventual outcome.  While we did manage to end up at the .500 mark, we could have done better.

So we say goodbye Mr. Sayles, good luck, you seemed like a nice enough guy but it was time for a change.

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