GM Doug Melvin Having Second Round Of Interviews Narrows Search For Manager

By chrisrundell

According to Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin he has narrowed his search for a new manager.  He also has indicated that he will have this process done in 7 to 10 days. Does this mean he will hire someone that will finally take this team to the top? From the polls that we have listed Bobby Valentine and Cecil Cooper are favorites, but that does not mean that they have the inside track when it comes to getting the job.

What worries me about Doug Melvin is he will hire another Ken Macha a guy that will not get the job done. Melvin has not really gave any hints who he likes so Brewers fans really do not have any idea who is leading man for the job. I hope it will be either Bobby Valentine or Cecil Cooper, but I seriously doubt it the way it looks. I would not be disappointed in Don Money or even Dale Sveum, but both of them are long shots for sure.

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