Brewers Top Catchers of All-Time

By chrisrundell

The Milwaukee Brewers have had a rich history of people behind the plate many lasting a long time.  Some of the better catchers the Brewers had were traded for and they have become part of the Brewers history. Today, we will look at some of the Milwaukee Brewers better catchers.

B.J. Surhoff was Brewers catcher that played for the Brewers from 87-95 and was a good catcher. He leads all Brewers catchers in at-bats, hits and RBI’s.  Surhoff was a decent catcher with a good arm. If he would have stayed with the Brewers his numbers would have been much better as he had a long career in Major League Baseball.

One of the favorite players of Brewers fans was catcher Charlie Moore. He played in 929 games for the Brewers and had over 700 hits as well. Moore was not the greatest offensive catcher, but he had excellent defensive skills and was a guy that you could count on being in the lineup every day. His longevity is something you do not see out of that position these days.

Ted Simmons was a journeyman as catchers go and he only played five years for the Brewers, but did an excellent job for the Brewers. He was one of the main reasons the Brewers made it too the World Series. He was a very consistent player who did his job and handled pitchers very well.

Darrell Porter was a guy many Brewers fans thought was going to be a Brewer forever, but it did not work out that way. Porter played six seasons for the Brewers and put up good numbers. He was a very good defensive catcher as well. He had a long career with the Brewers it’s a shame it did not last longer.

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