San Francisco Giants Get Zero Respect: Tim Lincecum Looks To Make People Believe

By Rob Nelson

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Allow me to give a very short recap of the Giants season in a nut shell. The San Francisco Giants were not expected to win the West. The team fought off the hard charging Colorado Rockies and overtook the division leading San Diego Padres to win the West. The Giants were not picked by some to beat the Atlanta Braves. Braves Bobby Cox was going to use his better than the Giants to overtake this team and extend his career. The Giants pitching staff dominated to beat the Braves.  In the NLCS the Giants were facing the alleged future World Series Champion Phillies. Their pitching was as good as the Giants and the Phillies lineup was too lethal. The Giants would take six games to dispatch this team. Once again the experts seem to be lining up in the opposite corner of the Giants.

The Texas Rangers are the team to beat. Cliff Lee is too dominant (Like that Roy Halladay fellow on Philly) to be beat. The Texas lineup is loaded from top to bottom and led by a masher like Josh Hamilton (See Ryan Howard). The Giants do not stand a chance for the fourth time this year.

However, Tim Lincecum and the rest of the Giants know differently. They know that they have home field advantage. They know that their pitchers are the best group in baseball. From starter to closer the Giants are loaded. All of them have pitched big moments of this post season and have come through for this team.

Lincecum also knows his lineup is capable of scrapping together the few runs that the team needs for victory. Guys like Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey, Pat Burrell and Juan Uribe have all been heroes at some point during this post season. Does any team win more one run games than the Giants this post season?  

Tonight Tim Lincecum is on the mound once again with a chance to out duel another ace. He has come through twice and looks to make it three times. In the biggest game of his life, Lincecum can quickly make the experts begin to look foolish. My only question is simple. If they win the World Series, will they get some respect? The Hunt For Orange October Continues. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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