Sorry Ron Roenicke I Think The Brewers Hired The Wrong Man

By chrisrundell

Now the Milwaukee Brewers are getting plenty of rave reviews for hiring Ron Roenicke as the Milwaukee Brewers manager.  Roenicke is a good coach and has shown that he can get the job done as a bench coach, but that is it. He has not been a big league manager, but the Brewers still hired him. This hiring has me scratching my head wondering what GM Doug Melvin was thinking. Bobby Valentine probably wanted big dollars so I can understand passing on him. Cecil  Cooper would have been a better choice as he at least has been a big league manager.

It seems GM Doug Melvin is not about hiring the best manager, but getting the guy for the cheapest price. Cooper is loved by Brewers fans and he would command the respect of the players for what he accomplished as a Brewer. Roenicke MLB Career was not that great and commanding the respect will take him a little longer to earn. Maybe I am wrong and Roenicke will do the job, but in a few years I think we will be back looking for another manager all over again.

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