Cubs Putting in Giant Jumbo Screen? Are You Kidding Me?

[picappgallerysingle id="8491196"]Rumors are swirling around the radio world in Chicago, as it’s believed the Chicago Cubs are contemplating putting in a new state of the art jumbo screen across the street from the stadium. Likely on the roof of the building that hosts the horseshoe ad. I have one thought about this proposal.

Are you kidding me? Tom Ricketts, if you decide to do this, you’ll be the new laughing stock owner of an organization that’s home to some of the worst ownership in professional sports history. I don’t even wanna know the cost of this “jumbo screen”, but I’ll be livid if the organization spends pointless money on “toys” and not money on the failing roster. I mean give me a break. Why does Wrigley need a jumbo screen exactly? Are the TV’s in the terrace reserve not enough? Wrigley is an older park. I get that- however, that money needs to be better spent. Oy Vey- the headaches just keep on coming.

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  • brouhahasports

    I can’t see the City of Chicago allowing this. Remember the headache to get a night game?

  • Brett.Rosin

    I agree 100%. If it is allowed…I will be up in arms because the whole idea is stupid. When you can go out and trade for Gonzalez and extend him for 6 years…When you go out and trade for Zack Greinke…and revamp this roster….then let’s worry about state of the art toys.