Brewers Tell Dave Bush To Field Other Offers

By chrisrundell

It looks like Dave Bush is probably done as a Milwaukee Brewer as the club has told him to look for other offers. Bush was 8-13 with a 4.54 ERA in 32 games. It is not known if the Brewers will make an offer, but if they do I do not see it being a lot. Should the Brewers keep Dave Bush let us look inside the numbers.

Bush was a pitcher that had some bad games, but he also had some good games as well. He only gave up 88 earned runs in 31 starts. Only Yovani Gallardo gave up less. His home run total was high at 28, but not the worse on the club.  I guess the one thing about Dave Bush he was not the best, but he was not the worse either.

I would try to resign him maybe for a one year deal as the one thing you do get with Dave Bush is a guy who will give you everything he has on the mound each and every outing. This season he has pitched bad at times, but other times lack of run support and errors in the field hurt him. In 32 games he only gave up 88 earned runs that’s a good number. The problem the Brewers have do they have really anyone better. In reality probably not.

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