San Francisco Giants Edgar Renteria Returning?

By Rob Nelson

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Everyone thought Edgar Renteria was done. He had provided the perfect setting to leave MLB. He was the hero that won the World Series for a remarkable second time in his career. However, Renteria has other plans. The World Series MVP announced that he will be returning for at least one more year. Does this means his days by the Bay are not done.

            My answer is Renteria is probably not coming back. If he wants to return on the cheap, I have no problem. However, someone will over pay for him like they have for his entire career. Do not get me wrong. Renteria is forever one of my heroes for finally bringing the title to San Francisco. I personally view him as worth every penny now that he is World Series MVP. However, let us not look at this from a fan’s eye. The man sat on the bench for a reason for four months. He is old and often injured. The Giants know this and that is the largest factor in his 9 million dollar option not being picked up. The Giants will go younger, healthier, and a lot cheaper.

I appreciate the Edgar Renteria. I wish him well. His three run shot will forever be entrenched in my mind. However, I want to win more titles. I think the Giants can up grade. We shall see what Brian Sabean does.

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