San Francisco Giants Buster Posey Rookie Of The Year Season: This Is The Tip Of The Iceburg

By Rob Nelson

[picappgallerysingle id=”10104710″]Last season was a dream season for Buster Posey and the San Francisco Giants fans. Buster Posey has been hyped as a future superstar since the moment he was drafted by the franchise in 2008 with the fifth overall choice. In 2010 Posey showed exactly why that these lofty goals were set for the young man.

                The regular season was the main course. Posey was an absolute beast at the plate. The rookie crushed the ball to all fields and had an average hovering around .350 before a late season slump saw him fall to .305. Posey also displayed great power in spacious AT&T Park with 18 bombs and 67 RBIs. The stretch where he hit .350 with power helped propel the Giants to the N.L. West pennant.  

                However, he showed a great amount of skill behind the plate. Posey took the reins of this pitching staff and comfortably guided them through start after start. The result was guys like Jonathan Sanchez and Matt Cain pitched inspired ball down the stretch. His work with the bullpen was equally impressive. He had no problem getting his pitchers to trust the game plan and pitch out of jams. Posey also showed he had a pretty solid arm by gunning out 63 percent of would be base stealers.

                The regular season was truly remarkable. However, the desert was his playoff performance. The young man showed incredible poise in the biggest games of his life. His fielding was still tremendous. He handled the great pitching staff flawlessly. The icing on this cake was his .288 average with 1HR and 5RBIs. This was against studs like Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Derek Lowe.

                This first season is great, but Posey will be better in 2011. His work ethic is tremendous, but the biggest key is this World Series win. Posey will never feel real performance pressure again. He joins men like Rajon Rondo and Tom Brady that hit the pinnacle so early, that the stunting of their growth through big time pressure is not possible. He will never worry if he will wilt in the big moment. In the big moment, he came through. He helped guide his team to victory when it mattered most. Do not under estimate the value of this.

                Nest season Posey will probably tear the cover off the ball. He will continue to guide this ridiculously great pitching staff to unprecedented heights. At the end of the day he will probably be in the discussion for the MVP trophy. If not this year coming up, plan on it soon. Posey is the rookie of the year, but this is the tip of the iceburg.

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