Prince Fielder What Can The Brewers Really Get For Him

By chrisrundell

With thew hot stove league buzzing about all the different moves that could be made Prince Fielder is a name that is always coming up. The Brewers say Fielder is not on the trading block right now, but in the future it is a possibility. Will Fielder be traded? I really do not see him moving anytime soon unless a deal comes along to blow the Brewers away. Do not look for that to happen.

Once the season gets rolling if a team’s first basemen gets hurt than a team maybe more than willing to give up something for him. Right now though only think that will be offered is marginal players and the Brewers have plenty of those hanging around. Prospects are always a option for Fielder, but it seems teams do not want to give many in return.

In the end the Brewers probably will be better off to keep him for the whole season and see how it plays out. If the Brewers make the playoffs and Fielder see’s he may have something to build on in Milwaukee he may just resign with the club. If the Brewers struggle he may decide to leave at season’s end. No matter what I would rather keep Fielder all year than trade him away for people who will not help the Brewers.

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