San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecum Is Not Satisfied With 2010:Why This Is Great For San Francisco

By Rob Nelson

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When I mentioned his 20-game milestone to him Wednesday, he said self-deprecatingly, “I had 40 chances at it.”

Tim Lincecum Courtesy of Chris Haft Haft Baked Ideas

                Tim Lincecum had a regular season in 2010 that many people would have wet their pants in excitement to have. The man was 16-10 with a 3.43 ERA and 231 strikeouts. When one takes out his awful month of August where he went 0-5 with an ERA north of 7, you get the picture that he was truly dominant in 2010 other than that month. However, the man is a two time Cy Young award winner and knows he can pitch better. The evidence for it was his sparkling 4-1 record in the post season with skins wins over fellow aces Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Derek Lowe. This is why when pointed out he was still a 20 game winner of sorts, he made it clear that he was not happy with his regular season.

                This is great news for the Giants. Despite the fact that Lincecum had tasted the greatest success a pitcher can taste, he was not satisfied. Lincecum wants more. Lincecum not only wants to win the World Series, he wants to win 20 games and do everything else it takes to be considered not only a great pitcher, but the best pitcher in the game. My guess is that is what fueled Lincecum in his epic battles with Halladay and Lee this post season.

 Knowing the fire is raging in Timmy is great news. The tough August might have done the Giants a world of good. That poor stretch makes Timmy hungrier. A hungry and motivated Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher in baseball. The playoffs proved that.  Let me throw out his name now in the Cy Young race for 2011. Expect a motivated Tim Lincecum to try to quench his thirst for greatness in 2011. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!

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