New York Yankees and Mariano Rivera

By Craig Williams
The Greatest Closer of All Time

The Derek Jeter negotiations have dominated the majority of the headlines in terms of his next contract with the New York Yankees.  It is almost easy to forget that the Yankees have another legend to keep in pinstripes:  Mariano Rivera.  There was not a lot of buzz surrounding the negotiations between the two parties, but lately we have heard some figures thrown around.  Mariano Rivera would like a two-year/$36 million deal while the Yankees would like to offer a one-year deal.

I would love it if Rivera would go year to year, but I wouldn’t mind if the Yanks brought him back on a two year deal.  I don’t want to think about life after Mo and, as unlikely and unreasonable as it is, I hope that he can manage to pitch at this level until he’s 45 or 46.  Perhaps the $18 million annual salary is too steep.  After all, he was already the highest paid closer these past three seasons, but I just can’t imagine having to replace him in the 9th inning so the raise doesn’t bother me.  These negotiations are just getting started and I’m sure there will be plenty of analysis over the winter until he signs.  Like Derek Jeter, though, I fully expect Mariano Rivera to spend 2011 and beyond in pinstripes.

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