Arbitration. The waiting game.

By jennybeiro
In hearing the words:  “Carl Crawford was offered arbitration”… Was that just a tease or is it promising? What can we expect?
So, looks like The Rays offered arbitration to seven of the nine Type A and Type B free agents prior to Tuesday’s midnight ET deadline. I’ve never really been big on stats or numbers. I’m learning more and more. The science of baseball, as well as the business side. It’s quite interesting to me.
From what I gather: (someone correct me if I’m wrong)
Type A- the signing team’s top pick and a random sandwich-round pick
Type B- just one sandwich pick.
Side note: A sandwich pick- is a pick that takes place in the supplemental round between the 1st and 2nd round of the MLB amateur draft each June and is usually noted as round 1a. Thank you wiki!
Grant Balfour, Carl Crawford, Rafael Soriano and Dan Wheeler are Type A free agents, while Joaquin Benoit, Randy Choate, Brad Hawpe, Carlos Pena and Chad Qualls are the team’s Type B free agents. This could go a million different ways, a whole bunch of what if’s…
How I see it – It seems like lots of talks, news and situations to be gone over until the deadline on Nov. 30th. Until then, I’m enjoying all the banter with, friends, family, colleagues and different situation proposals. Its  both a tease and a tad promising…
Ciao ~ Jenny

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