Los Angeles Dodgers Round out Rotation by Signing Jon Garland

By Tim Morris


It looks like either Garland or the Dodgers realized that they were a perfect match and he should’ve never left after the 09 season and gone to the Padres. Garland went 3-2 with a 2.72 ERA in 6 games after being acquired from the Diamondbacks for Tony Abreu (now on the  Rays) to help in the stretch run to the playoffs. This deal will easily make the Dodgers have the best 1-5 of any team in the majors. It looks like our starting rotation is set, next is the bullpen.

I hope this doesn’t mean the Dodgers have stopped talks with Padilla, he’d be great taking over Jeff Weavers spot now that he’s gone. He throws harder out of the bullpen and usually dominates games early when he starts, he usually gets in trouble the more the other teams sees him, he’d be perfect out of our bullpen.

(Career Stats)

Update: According to Ken Rosenthal, it’s a one year deal with a vesting option reliant on innings pitched.

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