San Francisco Giants Brian Sabean Shops For A Short Stop

By Rob Nelson

[picappgallerysingle id=”10086696″]                The San Francisco Giants have begun their rebuilding process for another run at a title. Aubrey Huff is the first domino to fall. The team has targeted short stop next. Brian Sabean has plenty of options to sift from. The main rumors are Juan Uribe returning, Tampa’s Jason Bartlett, New York’s Jose Reyes, or Boston’s Marco Scutaro via a trade, or Miguel Tejada as a free agent. Let us look at each option and discuss the pros and cons.

Juan Uribe

                Uribe makes the most sense. He performed well and was a post season hero. Coming off a year in which he displayed plenty of pop, he should see a raise above his 3 million plus contract. However, right now Sabean and Uribe’s agent are not in the same ball park for numbers. I do not believe Sabean will over pay grossly for Uribe, but I feel he will drop his asking price from the alleged 6 to 8 million he is asking for. This is when Sabean will pounce. However, if someone is foolish enough to over pay, Sabean has plenty of options.

Jason Bartlett

                Not a fan of this move. It would cost the Giants Pablo Sandoval. I am never a fan of giving up on a very young player after one bad season. Sandoval seems dedicated to getting in shape and being a better player in 2011. Bartlett is a nice defensive player with a solid bat. However, he does not have 30 home run and 100 RBI capabilities like Sandoval. There are cheaper options.

Marco Scutaro

Boston sure loves dealing short stops. It appears Scutaro is available for the right price. What that price is, I am not sure. Boston needs bullpen and outfield help. The Giants have arms to deal. Is that enough? If it is this would be a wise move. Scutaro is a solid bat and defender. He also would be the cheapest of all the trade options out there.

Jose Reyes

                Forget it now fans. This move would cost way too much. Figure on at least Brandon Belt, Madison Bumgarner, and another top prospect. The Mets would not deal their franchise short stop for anything except a king’s ransom. Reyes has also been injury prone and who knows if he bounces back to the point where the trade would not be that terrible.

Miguel Tejada

                The man still has solid pop. However, his defense is awful. He also is asking for more money than it would cost for Uribe. However, if Uribe goes and Tejada’s asking price drops, than the move might make sense.

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