Zack Greinke to Consider New York Yankees?

By Craig Williams
Zack Greinke might look good in Yankee pinstripes, but at what cost?

Up until today, I – along with most of the Empire – was under the impression that Zack Greinke did not want to pitch for the New York Yankees.  Apparently, that is not the case.  I don’t really have any particular analysis to go along with this article.  Its just a little bit of a turn from where we thought the Yankees and Zack Greinke stood in terms of a potential marriage.  This does not really change my stance.  I don’t want the Yankees to trade for Greinke.  The cost in prospects will be too high and they may still need to offer a lucrative extension in order to convince him to waive his no-trade clause.  My fingers are still crossed that they get Cliff Lee in pinstripes and that Andy Pettitte re-signs.  If Greinke is simply a luxury, the Yanks could put together a modest package and tell the Kansas City Royals to take it or leave it.  Or they could decline to offer anything at all.  Whatever happens over the next few weeks, this little wrinkle has certainly added a bit of heat to the Hot Stove.

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