Jayson Werth Signs With Nationals

By Craig Williams

Former Philadelphia Phillie, Jayson Werth, will take his long arms and potent bat down I-95 (I don’t know that for sure, but it sounded good in my head) to play for the Washington Nationals.  Werth signed a 7 yr/$126 million deal.  Besides the 126 million obvious reasons to sign that deal, I can’t really think of any other reason to sign long-term with the Washington Nats (no offense intended).  Not only are the Nats simply not very good, but now he’s going to have to face his former teammates 19 times a year.  My bold prediction is that his old teammates will win most of those games.

Congratulations to Jayson Werth on his big payday.  I’m just glad the New York Yankees won’t have to worry about facing him 19 times against the Boston Red Sox (they’ll get to face Adrian Gonzalez instead) and I’m glad that the Philadelphia Phillies – still the best team in the NL as far as I’m concerned – are taking a little bit of a hit.

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