Mets Fans Need To Stop Drinking The Kool-Aid

By tedswedalla

Mets fans are delusional. I should know, I am one.

Article after article propose that the Mets get rid of Luis Castillo via the trade. Whether it be in a package deal for Jacoby Ellsbury or Tom Gorzelanny, or straight up for someone else.

The problem with all of these scenarios seem to gloss over one simple fact. That some teams’ general manager is going to be foolish enough to repeat the Mets mistake and take Luis Castillo. Why should anyone want to pay a weak-hitting middle infielder millions of dollars for past performances? I mean someone other than the Yankees.
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No one is going to take Castillo and his contract, not in this economic climate. If someone does, you know the Mets are going to have to pay the majority of his salary for next year. If you are going to eat salary, why not just cut him?

All these potential trades base Castillo’s worth on what he once was, not what he is.  He is no longer a Gold Glove, All-Star second baseman who can steal 60 bases. Mets fans forget this, they have some ability to delude themselves into thinking that a player’s worth is based on his best season ever, not his current production.

Why? Who knows, but it really needs to stop. The authors of these articles think that the Mets are a trade or two away from challenging the Phillies for the division title. Maybe if the trade involved Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth they would stand a chance, but without the addition of two Hall-of-Famers the 2011 New York Mets have a better chance at finishing at the bottom of the NL East than at the top.

So, stop drinking the kool-aid and resign yourself to the fact that the Mets are in for an 85-90 loss season, maybe even two or three in a row. We can only hope that the Phillies fall flat again in the playoffs because that would be a knife in the chest I just couldn’t take.

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