By sharonkeeton

Tsuyoshi Nishioka is on the roster for the 2011 season.  A $10 million contract for three years with the option for a forth. His stats are very impressive and only get better every year he plays. 

Nishioka is the first Japanese League player that the club has signed.

“We have great chemistry on this club, and in talking with Gardy and in talking with a few of our players, we are very confident that our players are going to embrace Tsuyoshi as a new player, but also as a teammate and as a partner on this team,” Smith said. “We’re very confident that we’ll do the right things to make him comfortable. We also know that he is going to take major steps to try and fit in and be a big part of this team.”

Nishioka knows that it will take time to adjust completely to the move, especially with the language barrier.  “I know coming in this is a big challenge for me,” Nishioka said through his interpreter on Saturday. “There are a lot of factors. At the end of the day, I want to come in here and help this team.”
With his skills and prime age of 26, 2011 should prove to be a very successful year for the Twins. I am looking forward to seeing the interaction of all the players and hope that it will be positive both on and off the field so it will reflect in each game that they play.

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