By sharonkeeton

Morales is out!  Twins picked up Rockies lefty Paul Bargas to replace Morales. Just a baby at 22 he has a pretty impressive record with a 3.59 ERA and five saves in 67 2/3 innings for Class A Asheville last season, 13th round draft pick by the Rockies in 2009 from UC Riverside.

Last year Morales began the season on the disabled list following wrist surgery he had during the off-season. With Mauer as the “front man” and Butera as backup for catcher Morales’ chances of staying put were very limited.

“He is out of options and we’re confident that Mauer and Butera are a pretty good combination behind the plate”, said Twins general manager Bill Smith. “As long as he’s out of options, it was going to be a tough fit here,” Smith said. “We all hope that he will do a good job over there in Colorado.”

Bargas will add solidity behind the plate.  Every team needs it and now we have it.  We also have the depth we need with Rivera standing by should anything happen to any of the other catchers.  Bill Smith is confident this is the move we needed to take and stands by it.

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