By sharonkeeton

After the Twins lost their shirts (ONCE AGAIN) to the Yankees on September 9, 2010 it really got me thinking …. What is it about the Yankees that makes the Twins run away like dogs with tails between their legs every time they meet up?

Minnesota had an incredible season leading up to the ALDS clenching the division.  What happened?  What went wrong? You don’t work as hard as they did to get a 94-68 record just to lose momentum and piss it all away!  So I’m asking ….. What is it about the Yankees?

Is it the players? Sure they have good players …. CC Sabathia, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez.  We have very good players on our team as well that can easily present a challenging match up against these guys ….. Mauer, Cuddyer, Morneau, Kubel (who not only is an excellent player, but is absolutely gorgeous) so what happened? Mauer was injured earlier in the season, however, he ended the season very strong so that wasn’t a factor. Morneau was out and even though he is a strong player for us we still have the entire rest of the team to step it up in his absence.

I guess it’s just one of those questions that will never have an answer.  Minnesota is one team that can march their way straight into the World Series because they are that good.  The fact that they ALLOW the Spankees to stop them from accomplishing that goal is heartbreaking.

I really hope that the 2011 season will be the year they break this self destructing pattern.

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