New York Mets Blog Resolutions For 2011

By tedswedalla

My New York Mets Blogger Resolutions for 2011

1. I will not complain about the contracts of Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez and Carlos Beltran. What’s done is done, the past cannot be altered regardless of what the Doctor, Amy Pond and the TARDIS can do.

2. I will not make inane trade scenarios that involve those three guys mentioned above unless they contain taking on an equally burdening contract or paying someone to take said contract. No one is going to take these contracts off the Mets hands because they are nice, or enjoy spending money. It’s going to take a minor miracle to move these guys at all.

3. I will not say ‘The seasons over’ or ‘we are out of it’ until the All-Star break, unless the Mets are 20 or more games back at any point before the break.

4. I will not expect Mike Pelfrey to instantly turn into an ace just because he is the Mets opening day starter.

5. I will not kid myself into thinking the 2011 Mets are a playoff team regardless of how the team plays in April and May. 2011 is a rebuilding year. End of story.

6. I will not begin to speculate on which free agents the Mets should go after in 2012 until August.

7. I will not begrudge the team for turning into sellers before the trading deadline if the trade helps dump salary AND improves their farm system at the same time. They cannot afford to do one or the other, any trades must accomplish both.

8. I will not say ‘What Would Wally Do’ when questioning a failed decision by Terry Collins in a game. Someone who has never managed a game above Single-A does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

9. I WILL continue to wish ill will against the Phillies, Yankees and Braves (in that order) even though it might not be politically correct.

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