Will it be 3 AL Central Division Titles for the Twins??

By sharonkeeton

Happy New Year to everyone!! Every time the holidays pass and the new year rolls around it just means Spring Training is right around the corner!! So what will the 2011 season bring us??

Will Morneau be okay to play again?  He has had problems recovering from his July 7th concussion from last season so it’s a question I’m sure on everyone’s minds.  He has been working out and everyone seems to think he’s doing better, but only time will tell.  It would be great to see him back on the field, but let’s see what happens during Spring Training.  If he can make it through the entire training without any recurrence of symptoms I think the chances will be very good that he will be returning.

How will the newbie Tsuyoshi Nishioka do his first season with us?  With his stats it looks as though he will add the speed we need to our lineup. I’m looking forward to seeing the interaction between him and the players. 

How about our pitching??  If Carl Pavano does not return we are in a world of hurt in our starting rotation.  We need an ace on the plate and with two of our pitchers (Baker and Blackburn)  having recently had minor elbow surgeries during the offseason things don’t look so good for us.  If Pavano does not return we will most likely be looking for pitching relief.

Will Jim Thome come back?  He would very much like to return, but the club is waiting to see how things with Morneau pan out so they can make sure there’s a fit for him.

Will the Twins clench the AL Central for a third time?  I have no doubt in my mind that the Twins are more than capable of clenching the division for a third time.  The key for this ball club is to hang onto it and take it to the next level and all the way to the end, which they most definitely are capable of doing as well.

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