Soriano to the Yankees... As a set up man?

By jennybeiro

As I get word on Garza and the possible trade to the Cubs, I hear Soriano maybe considering being a setup man for the Yankees. “That door is open for a number of different reasons,” Soriano’s agent, Scott Boras, told

Paying Soriano closer money for a set up position, would be something he would consider. Can you imagine the combo of  Soriano in the eighth inning with closer Mariano Rivera. Is this payback for Cliff Lee snubbing the Bronx?

“I don’t think there is a team in baseball where he could be asked to be a setup guy other than the Yankees,” Boras said. As Spring Training is upon us, I was really hoping for the Rays to keep Soriano. I put nothing past Boras, Cashman or the Yankees at this point. With Andy Pettitte’s unknown status, this could be a huge score for the Yankees bullpen.

Rivera getting up there in age, Soriano in his prime. I smell Soriano replacing Rivera in 2yrs, if this all comes to fruition. What Soriano did last season, was a huge factor allowing the Tampa Bay Rays to win the AL East. The Yankees witnessed that first hand.

How many sighs of relief did Soriano give us Rays fans while we were all ‘untucking’ ?


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