Dust has settled after Matt Garza trade, what's everyone saying?

By ericschmidt

The dust is starting to settle after the trade which sent SP Matt Garza to the Chicago Cubs, except for some fans which might be headed to the Skyway Bridge, let’s take a look around the Internet and see what everyone is saying about the trade and what the feeling is on which team got the better deal.

Many baseball analysts feel that Tampa Bay got the better end of the deal. Yes, there was the chance that Tampa Bay might have gotten an even better deal for Garza if they waited until July, but there were too many things that could have gone wrong. What if Garza had gone 3-7 by the trade deadline and had an ERA of 5.50? What if he suffered a season ending shoulder injury? Would a club surrender three of their top prospects then? I don’t think so.

Big League Stew from Yahoo Sports thinks that the Cubs gave up too much and they shouldn’t have pulled the trigger on the trade because they aren’t ready to compete for the Central division title.

Mike Bauman of MLB.com writes that the Tampa Bay Rays should be just fine with losing Garza.

George Castle of the Ivy Report doesn’t think the Cubs gave up too much and that Garza is some progress for the team in 2011.

Josh 77 at the Bleeding Cubbie Blue blog from the SB Nation seems to like the trade. He projects RHP as a closer for the Braves, thinks that Robinson Chirinos could make the Rays roster as a catcher this season and calls OF Brandon Guyer a good prospect with a propensity for injuries.

MB21 of anothercubs blog hates the deal, thinks the Cubs just gave away too much for a Matt Garza who can be inconsistent.

Jason Collette of Dock of the Rays has a piece sharing additional comments about the trade. Jason also writes about how this was a trade which had to be made to fill some glaring holes in the farm system, a very good read.

All in all, I like the move. Yes, it’s difficult to say good bye to Garza but if three of these players contribute to the Rays this year or in future years, this is going to look to be a very solid and sound business decision for Tampa Bay. The general consensus seems to be that the Rays got the better end of the deal, so if you are on your way to the Skyway, turn around and go home now and let’s look at this deal in October.

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