Cleveland Indians Called About Bruce Chen, Kevin Millwood

The Cleveland Indians have reportedly talked to baseball super-agent Scott Boras about two of his starting pitcher clients: Kevin Millwood and Bruce Chen.

Add Millwood and Chen to the list of starters who the Indians have been connected to this winter. The Tribe has also been scouting former Indian Bartolo Colon, and had been connected to Brad Penny and Jake Westbrook before they signed with the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals, respectively.

The question remains whether pursuing low-upside veterans is a smart move for Cleveland, or if the rotation spot would be better used on developing young pitchers than older “innings eaters.”

Free agent third baseman Nick Punto (a great fit for the team, but he could be headed elsewhere) is also on the Tribe’s radar. Austin Kearns is the only free agent to have received a major league contract from Cleveland so far this winter.

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  • john

    Fred Lewis already signed with the Reds. Might want to get your facts straight.

    And given that the rotation spot for the moment is in the hands of no upside Josh Tomlin (I like him and all, but there’s zero upside there, he’s as good as he’ll ever be unless something drastic changes) it’s hard to fault them for looking for cheap depth.

    • Lewie Pollis

      Thanks for the catch. Not sure where my mind was when I wrote that.

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