A's to Add Brian Fuentes: Bullpen Becomes Full-pen

By joshuarussell

Perhaps the Oakland A’s have learned over the course of the last few seasons that no matter how deep you think you are, injuries can make you look pretty think. I’m sure other teams have had their fair share of injuries too but the Oakland A’s seem to be decimated year after year.

So it makes sense that they focus on areas of strength and make those areas even stronger. The bullpen is one of those areas.

An already strong pen that includes closer Andrew Bailey, former closer Brad Ziegler, Michael Weurtz, Craig Breslow, Michael Weurtz, Craig Breslow, Jerry Blevins, Joey Devine, Brandon McCarthy, Grant Belfour, and maybe Rich Harden is now even stronger as the A’s are on the verge of signing left hander Brian Fuentes.

Fuentes played for both the Twins and Angels last year and had a 2.81 ERA with 47 strike outs and 24 saves. Talk about adding strength to the bullpen.

I am assuming that Andrew Bailey remains the closer with Fuentes as the key setup man but I wonder if the A’s are stockpiling relievers to put themselves in a position to make a trade for a legit power bat, an area that still seems to be in need of improvement.

Worse case scenario, the A’s keep their entire bullpen and actually have lots of depth and support for an already strong starting rotation.

Either way, the A’s have had money to spend this offseason and they are not saving it for a rainy day.

Closer or not, Brian Fuentes adds a closer-like arm to an already stacked A's bullpen

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